eScripts have landed at Warrandyte Road Clinic!

eScripts are electronic prescriptions, enabling convenient access to your scripts from your mobile phone or email. An eScript is electronically generated by your GP and sent directly to your mobile phone (via SMS) or email.

It can be used in the same way as a paper prescription; to obtain medicine from your pharmacy. As eScripts are touch-free, the risk of infection being spread is reduced, so we encourage you to try eScripts for your next prescription.

Why try eScripts?

  • Easy to access: eScripts are stored on your smart device, and can be accessed at any time
  • Safe: touchless eScripts lessen the risk of infection being spread
  • Hard to lose: you’ll never spend time hunting among bits of loose paper or accidentally disposing of your scripts again
  • Widely accepted: most local pharmacies (including Civic Pharmacy, next door to our clinic) have upgraded their software to now accept electronic prescriptions
  • Eco-friendly: eScripts are paperless, which means less printing of paper, contributing to a healthier environment

How to use your e-script:

Step 1

During your consultation your doctor will offer to send your script electronically.

A unique QR barcode (called a ‘token’) will be sent to your mobile phone or email, along with important information about your medication. If you have multiple prescriptions, you will receive a separate token for each.

Step 2

Present your token when you visit your local pharmacy. Your pharmacist will scan the token to unlock the eScript. Your details are kept completely confidential and safe.

Step 3

Once your eScript is filled, your token is no longer valid. If you have any repeats, a new token will be sent to you when your prescription is dispensed which you can have filled next time you attend your pharmacy.

Frequently asked questions

What is an eScript?

An eScript (electronic prescription) is a prescription that is electronically generated and sent to your mobile phone (via sms) or email. You can use an eScript in the same way as a paper prescription, to get medicines from your pharmacy.

Can I still get a paper prescription if I want one?

Yes, paper prescriptions are still available. You can choose to have either a paper or an electronic prescription.

How do I get my electronic prescription?

When your doctor writes your eScript they will send you a ‘Token’ which is an electronic message sent to your mobile phone (via sms) or email

What will my token look like?

It will be unique QR Code sent as an SMS or email message (or in an app if you have it downloaded) along with some information about your medicine. Tokens look like this:

What is the benefit of an eScript?

eScripts can lessen the risk of infection being spread in the clinic as well as community pharmacies as they are sent directly to the patient and scanned at the pharmacy.

What technology do I need for electronic prescriptions?

You’ll need a smart phone with an internet connection or an accessible email account.

Do I need My Health Record to use electronic prescriptions?

You do not need My Health Record to use electronic prescriptions.

Is the electronic prescribing system secure?

Electronic prescriptions must meet a high level of privacy and security. Your prescription is protected and cannot be accessed by anyone until it is unlocked at your pharmacy by the pharmacist when they scan your token.

Will I get a separate token for each medicine I am prescribed?

You will get a separate token for each medicine you are prescribed.

If you have repeats on your prescription, your pharmacy will send you a new token for your next repeat. You will need to provide the new token to the pharmacist in order to collect your repeat.

How do I know which token has been used to get my medicines?

Your pharmacy can verify which token has been used. Once you receive your medicine, you should delete the token used to get that medicine. Once a token has been used it is no longer valid.

What happens if I lose my token?

If you lose your token, you will need to ask us to cancel the eScript and issue a new one. Your doctor will send you a new token.

Who can collect my medicines?

As is currently the case with paper prescriptions, a family member or agent may collect your medicines for you. You will need to send them the token along with the barcode so they can provide it to the pharmacy to unlock the eScript.

How can I get electronic prescriptions if I don't have any technology?

You can ask the doctor to send the token to a friend or family member if you do not have access to SMS or email. They will need to provide the token to the pharmacy to collect your medicines. Alternatively, you can opt for traditional paper scripts

Who do I contact for more information?