Family medicine

Unlike other specialists who are limited to a particular organ or disease, general practitioners are the only specialists qualified to treat most ailments and provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages — from newborns to seniors.

The GP’s at Warrandyte Road Clinic:

  • Provide care for patients in a whole of person approach. Your doctor is your here to be your first point of contact in matters of personal health
  • Care for patients of all ages and across the spectrum of health conditions
  • Help you to navigate the health care system, including arranging specialist and hospital care coordination and follow-up
  • Provide advice and education on health care
  • Performs legal processes such as certification of documents or provision of reports in relation to motor transport or work accidents

Why should I have a regular GP?

A regular GP will have access to your complete medical history and can ensure you receive the best possible care. If your own GP is not available, you may ask to see another GP in the same practice who will be able to access your medical history.

When you have been in hospital, your regular GP will receive information about your hospital stay and is your main point of contact when you have been discharged home.

If further treatment is required, the GP will coordinate this, possibly with another healthcare practitioner such as a nurse, midwife or physiotherapist.

Seeing a regular GP helps you develop trust, so that you feel more comfortable talking openly about personal matters.

Anything you tell your GP is confidential. Your GP will ask your permission before sharing information about you or your condition with anyone, even a specialist.

Access to a regular general practitioner has been linked to:

  • Longer, healthier lives
  • Lower overall health care costs
  • Immunization rates above national standards
  • Lower infant mortality
  • Higher birth weights