Consultation fees

Telephone consultations

In response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, ALL patients are being offered a bulk-billed telephone consultation. There is no out of pocket fee for this.

If your doctor determines that you require a face-to-face consultation, they can book this for you. Fees for face-to-face consultations are listed below.

Standard consultation Long consultation
20-40 mins
Extended consultation
40+ mins
Private fee $78 $120 $162
Health care card holders $68 $104 $139
Pensioner $66 $102 $137

We bulk-bill the following groups:

  • Patients with a Veterans Affairs card
  • Care plans for patients with a chronic disease. If you have a chronic disease, please ensure you have a care plan. This allows you to have a bulk-billed appointment up to every 3 months
  • Annual health assessments for patients over 75 years old

All other consultations are privately billed.

Charges may vary depending on how long you spend with the doctor and the complexity of your condition. Procedures, medical consumables and vaccines will incur an additional fee.

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