What is an IUD?

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a small plastic loop with a nylon string at the end that’s put inside the womb (uterus) by a doctor. It is a convenient, affordable and highly effective method of preventing pregnancy.

What types of IUD are available?

There are 2 types of IUD:

Both types of IUD are available for insertion at Warrandyte Road Clinic.

What are the benefits of an IUD?

  • You won’t have to remember to take something for contraception every day
  • The hormonal IUD will make your periods lighter
  • Medications and natural remedies won’t stop the IUD from working
  • It can work for up to 5 years
  • Quickly reversible: it can be easily taken out by a doctor if you don’t want it any more

What are the down-sides of an IUD?

  • The copper IUD can make periods heavier and more painful
  • There is a small risk of infection around the time the copper or hormonal IUD is inserted
  • Neither IUD will prevent STI’s

How can I have an IUD removed?

Removal of an IUD is usually a straightforward and quick procedure. We can do this for you in a standard appointment.

Which doctor can perform an IUD insertion?

Dr Jason Oh Dr Jason Oh

Dr Jason Oh has been safely performing IUD insertions since 2003. He has had extensive experience in women’s health, including experience as an obstetrics and gynaecology resident at the Mercy Hospital for Women as well as at Family Planning Victoria.

He is happy to see new patients, and frequently receives referrals from other clinics around Melbourne for this procedure. At the time of writing, Warrandyte Road Clinic is the only general practice clinic in Ringwood that regularly and safely performs IUD insertions for women.

What is the cost of an IUD?

The costs involved are outlined below:

Private fee Medicare rebate (Amount you receive back from Medicare)
Initial consultation (required for all patients) $83 $41.20
IUD insertion procedure $236 $167.50
6 week post-insertion check $83 $41.20

How can I arrange to get an IUD?

You can call us on 98709000 to book an appointment. Please let our reception staff know that you would like to discuss getting an IUD at the time of booking.

During your initial appointment, the doctor will discuss the requirements and risks involved with IUD use, and determine if it is the best contraceptive option for you. A subsequent second appointment will then be required to insert the IUD. You will also need to see the doctor 6 weeks after the procedure to check the IUD’s position and make sure that everything is working as expected.

We can also offer advice on other contraceptive methods such as the contraceptive pill, vasectomy, Implanon and more.