More than 1300 Australians die from skin cancer each year, and one in two will get skin cancer in their lifetime. The most effective management for skin cancer is early detection and treatment.

Several of the doctors at Warrandyte Road Clinic have undertaken further training to accurately diagnose and manage skin cancers.

If surgical excision is indicated, most skin cancers are able to be safely excised in the treatment room at Warrandyte Road Clinic. If a skin cancer is unable to be definitively treated in our clinic, the doctors have excellent working relationships with local dermatologists and plastic surgeons for rapid diagnosis and treatment.

A skin check generally takes about 15 minutes and requires a dedicated standard appointment. Make sure you tell us about any spots or moles you have which are new, sore, changing or unusual.

Dr Jason Oh
Dr Jason Oh
Dr Jason Oh graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2000. He has a Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery from the Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology as well as a Certificate of Dermoscopy from the Skin Cancer College Australasia. He regularly performs skin cancer screening checks and skin cancer surgery at Warrandyte Road Clinic.