Phone/video consultations with your doctor are available by appointment, as long as you have had a face-to-face appointment with at this clinic within the previous 12 months.

Many issues can be sorted over the phone without requiring a face-to-face consultation. Your doctor can arrange for electronic prescriptions to be sent to your pharmacy or to your phone/email, and for referrals and pathology/radiology requests to be forwarded to providers.

What is the fee for a video/telephone consultation?

Our standard fee for a phone/video consult is $76. You will receive $41.40 back from Medicare, which means that your out-of-pocket cost is $49.75.

Standard telehealth consult Long telehealth consult
20-40 mins
Extended telehealth consult
40+ mins
Private fee $76 $120 $160
Health care card holders & pensioners $68 $105 $140

Your doctor may have the discretion to bulk-bill the appointment if it is very brief, eg. if the call is purely for a simple matter such as a repeat prescription or referral, however by default we do not bulk-bill and payment is expected on the day.

Where can the consultation be provided?

You can participate in a video/telephone consultation from anywhere, including your home. Please ensure that you are in a quiet place to minimise disturbance during the consultation.

You may also choose to have the consultation whilst sitting in the carpark of Warrandyte Road Clinic. This may be useful in the instance that the GP would like to examine you either in the car park, or in the clinic if deemed safe and appropriate by the GP.

What happens at the telehealth consultation?

If you booked a telephone consultation with our reception staff, your GP will ring you on your mobile phone as close as possible to your appointment time. Please ensure you are available to take the call.

Can I still have a face-to-face appointment?

Yes! Many issues can’t be solved over the phone. In this case, your doctor will arrange for you to have a face-to-face appointment.