Home visits

Depending on availability, one of our doctors may be able to see you at home if:

  • You are a regular patient of this clinic,
  • You live within a short distance from the surgery, and
  • You are too ill to attend the clinic.

Please telephone before 11am as home visits are usually done in the middle of the day. The receptionist will ask for a few details to help the doctors plan their visiting rounds.

Please note that home visits are not always available, and calls received after 11am will be deferred until the next day unless very urgent.

Home visit fees:

Standard home visit
(5-15 mins)
Long home visit
(15-35 mins)
Private fee $102 $137
Health care card holders $92 $135
Pensioner $90 $125
Medicare rebate (How much you get back from Medicare) $63.95 $99.15